Saturday, September 19, 2009

Newest Creations

Chakra Peace Sign
Peace & Love come to this Chakra Peace Sign.
Made of 7 gemstones - Ruby, Carnelian, Mexican Fire Opal, Peridot, Light Blue Topaz, Dark Sapphire & a teardrop of Amethyst.
Base is made from Sterling Silver. All gemstones & base are wire wrapped with .999 fine silver. 3mm sterling silver beads finish off this beautiful piece that is one of a kind.

Ammonite Fossil Wire Wrapped in Sterling Silver
This Ammonite fossil is over 60 million year old. Polished half of a fossil Ammonite from Madagascar, Upper Jurassic. Wrapped in Sterling Silver wire.


Carnelian Point Sterling Silver Pendant

Carnelian Point Sterling Silver Pendant
Carnelian 6 sided point with sterling silver wire.

Look at that banding!

Rainbow Moonstone Sterling Silver Pendant
This beautiful Rainbow Moonstone has been weaved with a basket of fine silver. Stone is 10mm.

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